Improvement of the transit service of the road from Hualituna to Gervasio curve in the town of Huanusco, district of Pariahuanca – Huancayo – Junin.

The district of Pariahuanca, is one of the 28 districts that conform the province of Huancayo, located in the Department of Junín, under the administration of the Regional Government of Junín, in Peru. It limits to the north with the province of Conception, to the east with the district of Santo Domingo de Acobamba, to the south with the Huancavelica Region and to the west with the district of Huancayo.

Pariahuanca is located on the north east side of Huancayo; geographically it is in the Central Andes, its geographical position being 74º53’48 West latitude, 11º58’45 South latitude, with an altitude of 2589 masl. Politically it is in the Junín Region, Province of Huancayo.

The altitude of the route is in descending form, starting with a higher level of 2832 meters above sea level until ending at a lower level of 2642 masl. The road interconnects diverse populations and, as it descends, you have the following altitudes:

At Km. 0+000  –  Hualituna’s stop  –  2,642 masl.

At Km. 2+870  –  Populated Center of Huanusco  –  2,832 masl.

At Km. 5+763  –  Gervasio curve  –  2,690 masl.


Pariahuanca - Huancayo, Junin

Start date

Macht 07, 2017

Due date

July 20, 2017


Provincial municipality of Huancayo

Contract modality

Work execution


50% in consortium (Pariahuanca consortium)