Contingency plan of the project:
“Improvement of the health services of the Cotahuasi health center”

It is considered the temporary relocation of a set of basic health services corresponding to the “COTAHUASI HEALTH CENTER CONTINGENCY PLAN” which are:


  • Drywall system with gypsum and fiberboard panels type superboard: 3/8 “panels for internal partition walls, and fiber cement of 6mm on the outer sides of the exterior partition.
  • Sanitary Wall: Drywall plate RH of 3/8 “and superboard plate of 6mm in wet areas.
  • Sealing for tympanums: Standard 6 mm thick superboard plate.

False ceiling

  • Drop-down tiles with aluminum profiles of 4mm superboard fibrocement type in environments, delivery room, interspersed in rigid corridor.

Floors and pavements:

  • Polished concrete floors in corridors, external consulting rooms and other settings of the establishment.
  • Non-slip ceramic floors exclusively in delivery room and emergency environments.

baseboards and thresholds:

  • ceramic baseboards and thresholds in toilets.
  • The delivery rooms will have a ceramic baseboard from floor to ceiling. The emergency topics will take a baseboard to a height of 1.80m from the finished floor.

Wood carpentry

  • They will be counterplates of 4cm of thickness with MDF panels of 4mm, frame of national cedar wood or existing wood in the zone of the project.

Metallic carpentry

  • Aluminum doors and windows in emergencies and obstetric center.
  • Doors with metal profiles and galvanized mesh woven in access doors, in a cistern, in a generator room and in the waste room.


  • In windows and screens. With laminated glass of 6mm in windows and 8mm in screens, in areas where they will be expanded with drywall partition walls.


  • In partitions, interior and exterior walls and ceilings, washable latex in all environments of the establishment and oleo matte paint in the rooms of delivery room and emergency topics.


  • Self-adhesive safety signs, which will be subsequently implemented in the final project for the execution of the project


La Unión, Arequipa.

Start date

August 29, 2016

Due date

December 26, 2016


Consorcio Salud Cotahuasi

Contract modality

Sub Contract


10% in consortium (Eralma – Obrasin consortium)